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Bag filters

Designed for high performance in demanding operating conditions, bag filters with an extended surface can function either as prefilters or as final filters where clean air is required. Bag filters are ideal for medical facilities, automotive paint booths, food industry, commercial buildings and various industrial applications, public buildings such as schools, museums, etc.

Typical applications:

– commercial buildings
– data centers
– food industry
– hospitals, medical facilities
– hotels, restaurants
– industry
– schools and universities, museums, galleries
– surface treatment

Bag filter inserts minimize the resistance of the flowing air and multiply the effective filter area – pure energy efficiency. The bag filter inserts are composed of wedge-shaped bags made of synthetic or glass fibers, which are fixed to a U-profile frame made of galvanized sheet steel or plastic.

A typical area of ​​application in air conditioning is the filtration of coarse and fine dust particles in the field of comfortable air conditioning and industrial air filtration.

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